Fees Structure

Pay By Plate MA Login portal services comes with a set of technological advancement that enables the state drivers to pay their toll taxes and thus ensure that their time and energy is saved in abundance. PaybyPlateMa captures the car license number and then traces the details accordingly.

PaybyPlateMa Login is a simple portal whose security works as a cherry on the cake. The high encryption of this login portal makes it easy for numerous drivers in the state to trust it and thus make their payments using this incredible portal.

EZDriveMA toll booths incorporate the transponders that widely function as a PaybyPlateMa Payments gateway for the users.

Understanding PaybyPlateMa Fees Structure

The monthly fee structure of this portal is as follows:

Free online

Monthly Fees – $ 0.60

Payment By Mail: $ 0.60

Some other stats of payment are as follows:

Free online

Sent – $ 0.60

Duplicate Statement Receipt Request – $ 2.00

Penalty For Bounced Cheque – $ 25.00

The PaybyPlateMa Login comes with an ideal and simple way of payment for the drivers toiling hard the entire day. This portal hardly requires any sort of complex technical issues from the driver’s side.

This implies that you need not be tech-savvy to use this portal and make payments here. Also, users from other states can use this login portal to pay their tolls in the state of Massachusetts.

You can use any credit or a debit card to use this PaybyPlateMa Login portal. Enroll yourself at www.paybyplatema.com to log in and avail yourself of numerous services that this portal has for you. The portal’s login services are open to everyone.

The offers available here are open to everyone. It is just that a simple registration process is to be followed by the users to avail of these services.

EZDriveMA is MA’s electronic toll system that supersedes toll booths and collects toll payments using video footage of your vehicle. The entire system is online and thus promoting the trend of digitalization to the fullest.