Outstanding Features

PaybyPlateMa is a portal that employs the use of transponders and the vehicle license plate capture system to collect the toll taxes. Currently, the system is prevalent only in one state of the USA, but the highly advanced functionality of this system gives the impression that this system will be employed all over the country.

PaybyPlateMa Salient Features

Have a look at the salient features that this Pay By Plate MA Login portal offers to the drivers in the state.

  • Paying the toll is extremely easy for a resident registering himself here.
  • The time and energy of the user are saved in abundance as he can easily pay their toll within a few seconds after signing in to his login account.
  • The login portal works on the principle of image capture and video capture.
  • The high quality of encryption makes it easy for the users to sign in and make the payments of their toll.

E-ZPass MA is the most straightforward way for Massachusetts drivers to pay tolls. Paying the toll is possible just by using a mobile phone and a credit/debit card. The official website www.paybyplatema.com hosts this payment portal and allows users to perform their online payment process.

After you make a PaybyPlateMa Online Payment, the portal also provides you with an electronic invoice. Enrolling this portal is completely free for every user. You can load your PaybyPlateMa account with a certain amount and then check whenever you wish after signing in.

To sign in to your PaybyPlateMa Login, you just require your account number and a password. The state transport department has taken entire care of the portal’s security and flexibility.

You can also go with the automatic deduction that deducts the toll amount automatically. This helps the users with making PaybyPlateMa Payments before the due date and thus avoiding unnecessary penalties.